What Separates the GOLD Line Warranty from Other Toner Cartridges?

What Separates the GOLD Line Warranty from Other Toner Cartridges?

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As a dealer, it’s important to have a good warranty on the products you sell. Offering a quality warranty to your customers shows that you are committed to providing excellent service and care, while also giving them the security and peace of mind that their purchases are protected. A quality warranty makes it clear to your customers that they can trust you.

We asked Christian Pepper, President, LD Channel Partner Division, to explain what separates the GOLD Line warranty from those of other toner cartridges.

Christian’s response: I think there are three things that separate the GOLD Line warranty from those of other toner providers. 

  1. When we launched the GOLD Line in 2018, we were the first organization to have a lifetime warranty, rather than a one or two-year warranty, which all other toner providers typically offer.
  2. Our warranty is very simple to claim and deal with. Dealers have told us that when they work with other vendors and need to send a replacement cartridge to their customer, they receive an invoice for it – then they have to fill in a purchase order and send the defective product back to the vendor in order to get a credit. We don’t do any of that. We send out a free-of-charge replacement, there’s no paperwork, or if you want a credit, we’ll give you a credit. Then we try to get back every single cartridge to autopsy it and find out what is wrong with that product so that we can make improvements.
  3. If you change providers and work with us, we know you’re making an investment in that relationship with us. So, we’ll take over the warranty of your previous vendors’ products should they fail. Usually, the reason dealers switch to GOLD Line is they find out that our quality is much higher than other vendors in the market. The fact that we’ll take over the warranty management of their cartridges shows that we’re investing in the relationship with our customers.

Our GOLD Line cartridges undergo rigorous testing and monitoring for performance, quality, and page yield. If you or your customer are not completely satisfied, we’ll gladly replace the product and compensate you for labor costs. All our GOLD Line cartridges are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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We are a collection of experienced industry professionals that dealers know and trust. Working exclusively with imaging dealers, the LD Channel Partners Division offers the award-winning GOLD Line series of new build toner cartridges, a popular alternative to OEM and remanufactured toner products. Dealers enjoy BLI-tested, best-in-class new build quality cartridges that provide a competitive advantage, higher margins and advanced nationwide distribution capabilities.