How Can the GOLD Line Packaging Help Dealers?

How Can the GOLD Line Packaging Help Dealers?

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Packaging is a critical part of the marketing and selling process for any product. It helps to create a memorable and visually appealing experience for end users, while also serving as a practical way to ensure that products arrive safe and intact at their destination. Premium packaging can have a huge influence on the perception of a product and its value.

That’s why we asked Christian Pepper, President, LD Channel Partner Division to answer the question: “How can the GOLD Line packaging help dealers?”

Christian’s Response: We get a lot of complimentary feedback from dealers on our packaging. There are a couple of things that dealers comment on most. The first thing is that people buy everything with their eyes. First impressions are incredibly important, and no matter how great your product or service is, it won’t get a second look if the packaging isn’t attractive. We recognize that people are judging the quality of the cartridge before they even put it in the printer and test its printout. So, we want that outer box experience to be really good. Just like our product is called GOLD Line, we have gold foil on our box. We want to demonstrate that there is a premium product inside.

Additionally, other competitors in the remanufactured industry tend to use about 10 different box sizes for the 5,000 SKUs that they make. So, what you end up with is very large boxes with a lot of filler around small toner cartridges. By comparison, every single GOLD Line SKU has an individually designed box, and that box is designed to be minimal in size to ship cartridges safely and reduce shipping costs, which saves our dealers money. It also means less storage space is needed in customer storage cabinets.


The LD Channel Partner Division understands that packaging is a key factor in forming end-user impressions of their product. The premium GOLD Line packaging has been extremely successful in helping us differentiate our toner from other options on the market.

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We are a collection of experienced industry professionals that dealers know and trust. Working exclusively with imaging dealers, the LD Channel Partners Division offers the award-winning GOLD Line series of new build toner cartridges, a popular alternative to OEM and remanufactured toner products. Dealers enjoy BLI-tested, best-in-class new build quality cartridges that provide a competitive advantage, higher margins and advanced nationwide distribution capabilities.