Why Invest in BLI Testing of the GOLD Line Series of Toner Products?

Why Invest in BLI Testing of the GOLD Line Series of Toner Products?

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Buyers Laboratory (BLI) is an independent provider of analytical information and services to the digital imaging and document management industry. BLI publishes the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate test reports, each representing months of exhaustive hands-on testing in BLI’s US and UK laboratories.

We asked Christian Pepper, President, of LD Channel Partner Division to tell us why they decided to put the GOLD Line series of toner products through the rigorous BLI testing process.

Christian’s response: We launched the GOLD Line in January 2018, and at that time there were only OEM cartridges, high-quality remanufactured cartridges (which is my background and the team’s background) and low-cost, low-quality new build compatible cartridges.

We had set ourselves the task of building the highest quality product in the marketplace, bar none. We really needed an independent third party, credible testing of our product, so that customers could look at that objectively and not just fall for a sales pitch. Everybody says they make the best product, but we needed an organization to prove it.

In the history of the toner after-market industry, we’re one of only two companies that have ever subjected themselves to BLI testing. One of the interesting things about the Buyers Lab testing is you can’t send them samples of your product; they don’t allow that. Instead, you have to give them your customer base and then they source cartridges directly from them. They bring those cartridges back to the Buyers Lab where they test them in a secure environment against OEM products.

By doing that testing, we’re able to bring a level of credibility to our product, that can convince dealers that we’re a good organization to work with and that our product quality and service can walk the talk.

At LD Channel Partner Division, we understand how important it is for dealers to have confidence in the products they sell. That’s why we put our GOLD Line series of toner products through the Buyers Lab testing process. Dealers can have peace of mind knowing they’re selling top-of-the-line toner products with a prestigious seal of approval. To see the full BLI report, click here.

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LD Channel Partner Division at a Glance

We are a collection of experienced industry professionals that dealers know and trust. Working exclusively with imaging dealers, the LD Channel Partners Division offers the award-winning GOLD Line series of new build toner cartridges, a popular alternative to OEM and remanufactured toner products. Dealers enjoy BLI-tested, best-in-class new build quality cartridges that provide a competitive advantage, higher margins and advanced nationwide distribution capabilities.