How Can Toner Quality Issues Affect a Dealership?

How Can Toner Quality Issues Affect a Dealership?

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You only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s why it is essential to ensure that all the products and services you offer are held to the same high standards that you have set for your dealership. You want to make sure that the overall impression you make is a positive one and leaves a lasting impact.

That’s why we asked Brett Noble, Sr. Business Development Manager, LD Channel Partner Division: “How can toner quality issues affect a dealership?”

Brett’s Response: Murphy’s Law tells us when a toner issue happens it’s usually on the most critical device, like the CEO’s desktop printer. When something like this happens, it reflects poorly on your dealership. We care a lot that something like this doesn’t happen to you! At the end of the day, your brand is your livelihood, and you don’t want a cartridge to be the reason that your business is negatively affected. When it comes to your brand, I think one of the most harmful things that can happen is a cartridge failure or toner issue.

In this competitive market, maintaining customer satisfaction and a healthy bottom-line hinge upon reliable toner products. Poor quality can lead to irreparably damaged relationships with customers who may look elsewhere for vendors and put your dealership’s profitability at risk. Not only do dealers have to compensate their clients or offer discounts, but they also risk draining resources trying to fix the problem. It’s in every dealer’s best interest to prioritize product excellence from day one!

65% of customers said they have changed to a different vendor because of a poor experience. (Khoros)

You worked hard to establish your business’ solid reputation, why leave it to chance? Selecting only the finest products and the best partners to represent your brand not only helps safeguard your hard-earned reputation but also sets the foundation for continued growth and success in the future. Don’t take chances with your reputation – choose quality at every front to secure a bright future for your dealership!

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We are a collection of experienced industry professionals that dealers know and trust. Working exclusively with imaging dealers, the LD Channel Partners Division offers the award-winning GOLD Line series of new build toner cartridges, a popular alternative to OEM and remanufactured toner products. Dealers enjoy BLI-tested, best-in-class new build quality cartridges that provide a competitive advantage, higher margins and advanced nationwide distribution capabilities.