LD Products Releases New Video Comparing Gold Line New Build Cartridge Manufacturing vs Remanufactured Processes

LD Products Releases New Video Comparing Gold Line New Build Cartridge Manufacturing vs Remanufactured Processes

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LD Products, a leading US distributor that ships an average of 50,000 cartridges per day is proud to release a new video to educate Dealer Principals on how LD’s new premium quality Gold Line new build toner cartridges can offer better quality, for up to 20% less than leading remanufactured cartridges.

The new release includes actual footage of the Gold Line assembly process to illustrate the extreme difference between how new build and remanufactured cartridges are made so dealers can better understand what they’re buying and providing to their customers.

View New Video: LD Gold Line New Build vs Leading Remanufactured Cartridge Manufacturing

In 2018, the LD Gold Line set a new benchmark for cartridge quality with the industries lowest return rate of 0.1% which LD attributes to their use of the latest technology in manufacturing automation, robotics, and state of the art distribution capabilities.

“One of the biggest questions we get asked is how our premium quality Gold Line New Build cartridges can possibly be higher quality and less expensive than leading remanufactured cartridges, and this video answers that question.” Stated Aaron Leon, President and CEO of LD Products.

In a recent dealer poll, 92.4% of dealer executives exposed to the facts about new build cartridges said they see Gold Line New Built cartridges as part of their toner mix in the future to solve quality and profitability challenges.

“Without question, the new build manufacturing process makes a better cartridge because the product is 100% brand new” Stated Matt Daniels, LD Products Chief engineer of manufacturing with 25 years experience in both remanufacturing and new build processes.” The use of technology and automation vs manually breaking cartridges in half eliminated human error and provides dealers with a consistent top-quality cartridge every time.”

The LD Gold Line series of premium quality new build cartridges is sold exclusively through resellers and interested parties are invited to contact their LD Channel Partner representative to learn more.

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