LD Products Wins Coveted Design Award

LD Products Wins Coveted Design Award

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LD Products—the largest online aftermarket retailer of ink, toner and printer supplies in the world—has won a coveted design award for their rebrand usually won by high-end graphics agencies… not an inhouse design team in a printer cartridge company.




LD Products is one of the largest online retailer of ink, toner, and printer supplies for consumers and small businesses. Starting from humble beginnings in a garage to a multimillion dollar company it was time for a brand update. This would help align the overall look and messaging, plus reflect the quality and customer helpfulness LD is known for.



Because of the positive history and strong core values it was important to keep the heritage and roots of the company as part of it’s updated look. The visual cues of what makes LD authentic and relatable became a big focus starting with the logo. Instead of a complete change the new design was executed as an evolution, morphing and modernizing of the original. The colors CMY are strong identifiers in the world of print and were already established as part of the branding. It was decided to better frame these pop colors in contrast with black and white in a way that personalized the customer’s perception of the company.



The results were meant to be visually impactful and simple in a style that would work on the website and the many digital elements surrounding online commerce. This same styling and messaging had to also work for product packaging that would be seen first on the online and then received as a physical box. After the new identity was launched LD received praise from both employees and consumers through surveys and customer service feedback. Some of the input stated that LD had become more memorable and perceived as a trustworthy. In an industry where the product quality varies widely this resulted in happier customers that were more likely to return. Employees embraced the design with the introduction of branded items like pens, coffee mugs and apparel that reinforced a sense of community and culture.

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